Yellow Lipcolor Will Never Fail on Dark Skin. Ever.

Another bold color that has been on my mind to try: yellow.

I’ve had the MAC lip colors in my stash for some time and made many mental notes to “try” yellow for a few summers now. I am glad to report that I finally sat down and just played around with a few shades and textures to finally get my perfect pout.

Layered with a matte color, and topped off with a gloss (both by MAC Cosmetics) I honestly liked the turnout, even though it photographs with a bit more of a gold undertone.

I believe that you can always rock any color, no matter your complexion, you just have to find the best shade from each particular color family that works well with your undertone. For example, I knew for a fact that a more golden, yellow lip color shade would look better on me because of my warm undertone. Below are some other tips I learned while playing with this super summer color.

#BBTIP 1: Create a Neutral “Palette” for Your Lips

Meaning, use a concealer (if you wish) or lip primer to create an even foundation for your lips.  I used the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer to lightly “prime” my lips, instead of a lip primer. I did this because my lips are two different tones, and I’ve realized at times that when I try to apply certain lip colors, the color sometimes looks different on each lip.

#BBTIP 2: Make Use of Lip Liners

I didn’t use one in this video, but lip liners are a very cheap and easy way to test colors and to perfect the application.

Yellow Lipstick Dark Skin

#BBTIP 3: Make the Color Pop Against an Even Face

I really believe that certain “looks” are very much complete with the fixings, and other looks can be pulled off singularly. Meaning, there are looks like glossy lids, that can stand on their own. Then, there are other looks, like black lipstick, that I’ve always felt like deserved a full “look”.

Yellow lipstick, for me, is not one I think I’d want to pull off without serving a bit of face.  Even if you’re not a full face makeup kind of person, my best suggestion would be to still juxtapose a yellow lip color against a very minimalist, yet even face for that major pop of color appeal.