Black & Pregnant: Dress Sexy After Giving Birth

Honestly, the thought of “having” to change your innate fashion sense, the way you show up to the world on your terms, just because you have given birth seems a bit…dramatic. So when Chanta brought up the fact that she and her hubby at one point had that talk about what her style would be after giving birth, I sat there and ate my food and listened.

We play and tease at the idea of how motherhood, for some, force many into a new idea of who they believe they need to be. There’s this mold you’re newly expected to fit into because a human came out of you. Once a thing, but not really a thing anymore, mom jeans were the dreadful fashion statement that would signal a woman who was a mother had “lost it.” Dressing like a mom was never really associated with dressing sexy or even looking good. Yet somehow, Dad or DILF fashion is a thing. Shocking.

Some women, in my life at least, have tinkered at the idea that continuing to enjoy their sex appeal, or just feel sexy, is now wrong due to them now being a mom. I don’t judge and I won’t. But I do wonder why there would be this random expectation for women to suppress their sensuality, sexuality and to not even want to look good anymore just because they gave birth.

Chanta gave BB a bit more insight into how she’s focused on showing up to the world as a new mother, without completely acting like who she was as a woman before didn’t exist. I liked this one.

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