Welcome to my new podcast: The Other Beauty Conversation

Welcome to my new beauty podcast, The Other Beauty Conversation.

You know, I really don’t have much to say about starting a podcast because it’s not really a novelty anymore. But, I do feel like I’ve found myself enjoying so many Black women-led podcasts lately, and I had a moment of clarity last summer after a 4-hour Facetime with my friend Genese. Then, another one with Tiff. It got to the point where I’d bombard them during the day, on some “wyd” nonsense, because I missed them. Quarantine got really hard for me last summer and Zoom and Facetime became the only way to really connect.

Eventually, I thought to just record a few of the conversations. And then, The Other Beauty Conversation podcast was born.

Here are the latest episodes of conversations about Black women securing funding in the industry to a Black female “matchmaker” sharing her advice for women (and men) looking to up their dating game this year. The conversations range, but the goal is to always find a way to bring it back to the center of our beauty journey, how we feel about ourselves, and how that essentially affects how we move through life.

Take a listen to the most recent episodes while you do your self-care routine or get a little work done.

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