[WATCH] Being Judged About My Diet as a Pregnant Black Woman

Chanta Patton is a hilarious friend of mine who let me into a few intimate moments during her first pregnancy. In this episode of the first #BBSeries, Black & Pregnant, she shares a story about a time where a few people around her, who were white, judged her eating habits, mostly because she kept her southern-based diet eating “full meals” of meats, greens, and potatoes.

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A particular woman who was pregnant at the same time as Chanta, and…well…white, had acquired a very “strict” diet and seemed to compare her meals to Chanta’s, for whatever reason. This, of course, bothered Chanta, and rightfully so. Watch her detail her experience and how she comically handled being judged on her diet, which she mostly attributed to her being a Black and pregnant woman.

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