The work-from-home robes I’ve been getting things done in lately

When I say I’m obsessed with working in beautiful, sexy robes, I mean it. Randomly, my best friend Syreeta sent me a beautiful robe that has added glamour to my daily post-peak quarantine routine. I say that carefully because at this point, I feel like we’re pretty much used to the fact that we are not going anywhere anytime soon. The shock of having to be in the house has worn off, at least for me.

Now, my focus is making sure I make the most of my days inside. So, in addition to slowly redecorating my master room and adding more plants to my environment, I’m also very focused on how I dress myself each day.

For the days I want to be cozy in bed, tucked in with a few Netflix favorites and some wine, I slip on my robe of the hour, pulled from my growing lineup.

Here are a few dupes for my current favorite work robes you can shop now.

Floral and flowy

Kim + Ono is your go-to for the perfect Kimono style floral robes. You can find my exact robe here, or take your pick from their black, floral robes at your will.

I also love this Bohemian-inspired Nordstrom Hibiscus Robe by Plum Pretty Sugar ($78). It’s perfect for the spring season, and one of those pieces you can’t wait to put on and walk around with a cup of tea in.

floral robe












Slip-on Sexy, but make it warm

Who even shops at Victoria’s Secret anymore, you ask? I know, I know. But my cousin has this Supersoft Modal Robe by VS ($65) and it’s actually a very soft, sexy alternative to my below ASOS purchase from last year. Looking for something longer, and just as warm? Skims’ Silk Sleep Robe is super soft and has some of the most beautiful shades of brown and chocolate. You will drop a smooth $258 for it, but honestly, I’m adding this to my purchase later list. Sorry, not sorry.

“When our mind is in a state of anxiety, it not only generates its own illusions, but also greedily devours those that come to us from the outside world. Illusions play evil tricks on us and then we deliberately make mistakes. , in order to then dress a young model girl in him and release her on the catwalk, hoping to amaze viewers and fans of new trends in the development of the fashion industry, without knowing it, becomes a victim of his own illusions, which his hot mind dictates perfume to her. with his fire of inspiration: “… I will certainly be able to conquer the audience! I have an undeniable talent! The images that I create are wonderful! “. At such moments, the model girl and the couturier himself consider themselves to be winners! But … In a fit of his inspirations, the designer completely forgot about the black eyes














Satin, but simple and short

Or a little longer, if you like. But a simple, all-black satin robe, or as I like to call it, my “spa” robe (I do my facial cleansing routine and hair in this robe), is honestly a good staple to have. I picked up mine from H&M last year, but they have a chic dupe for $24.99 here. Macy’s also (per the usual) has an extensive satin robe collection, with a few good sales online. For women with a little more curves, wanting something sexier, the Black-owned Shop Love Vera has a gorgeous selection of all black lace robes, and a Valentine’s day sale you don’t want to miss.

satin robe











The velvet robe

I put this on when I’m ready to sit down and feel bossed up. I debated in the Zara fitting room in 2019 on whether or not to buy this robe (which is actually a dress). I’m glad I bought it. Since they don’t have anything remotely close on their site, here are a few dupes. Skims’ Velour Long Robe comes in a rich Honey and Amethyst shade that will make you want to buy both of them.  Sonoma Goods has a very plush version for those who are always cold. It’s not as glamourous but it does the job and looks the part. Oh, and here’s a wildcard: Shop Love Vera’s floor-length, all-black robe. This one is next on my purchase list.