The Find: An Everyday Nude Lipstick by MAC

For brown girls with a semi-golden undertone like mine, this may be a good pick for you, too.

The Details

Her name is Siss and she’s made by MAC. She’s a lipstick that I found in my bestie’s makeup bag by accident. Mind you, she is way lighter than I am, so this may be a win-win for light and darker women.

How I Used the Color

No lip liner before hand, this works with or without. But, layer your lips with a good moisturizer (something easy like EOS) and let it set for a few minutes before you apply the lipstick. If your lips are still greasy before you apply, blog with a piece of blotting paper or tissue paper.

How Long Does the Color Last?

Typical lipstick time frame: I was re-applying every hour or so.

Where Can You Buy It?

MAC Cosmetics for $16.00

Let me know your thoughts.