That Metallic Gold Face You Know You Want

But darling, you’d look so fabulous with that metallic golden glow. 

Yes, you probably know this already. Ugh, that sexy, sultry glow is all I’ve been dreaming about. So, I tried and tried and tried to perfect this look. And, I did.

Video coming soon (I promise).

Here are the basic rules on golden metallic makeup against rich, dark skin.

First, you need a gold eyeshadow. Kind of like the Sephora shadow in Hollywood’s Calling that I used ($10).

Then, you need a good gold lipstick, because, duh. Want mine? It’s by Make Up For Ever, called Gold (or Number 17)…go figure.

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Then, I’d suggest getting yourself a good bronzer, which as a brown girl you should already have in your beauty arsenal. You’ll highlight those cheeks with your bronzer, and maybe even go over the bridge of your nose and sweep a tad on your temples for that luxurious effect. I used MAC’s Gold Deposit, mixed with a bit of their Ambering Rose and a touch of NARS’ orange blush in Exhibit A.

Last, I went the extra mile and added a dash of loose gold pigment to the mix. Again, mine is by MAC, but I promise you can get cheaper gold pigments. I know, it sounds like I did the most. But, this look wasn’t hard to pull off at all.

All you have to do is:

-Fill in those brows.

-Apply your foundation and make sure your skin looks even and clear.

-Dab your middle finger in the gold shadow you have and apply it to your lids.

-Add your concealer under your eyes to cover up any shadow that may have fallen beneath your eyes.

-Add your blush/bronzers. 

-Add your lipstick.

-Swipe on at least 3 coats of mascara, no eyeliner needed.

-And, if you’re feeling like superwoman, lightly dip your blush brush in the gold pigment, and add it to your cheekbones, all the way up to your temples. I also went over the bridge of my nose for that Queen Nefertiti effect.

Don’t forget to fill in those brows, and shape them up with a little highlighter in case you’re overdue for a wax/threading session.

Going out with the girls? Add a little bit of the loose pigment to your lips. People will see you, and they will die over your fabulously golden kissed face.

Photography: By Verlyncia of