She was a skater girl…well, at least the dress was

Take me back to middle school, freshman year of high school please! Like now. Ugh, the way I’ve been craving dressing like I’m in my teens again, for some odd reason, has had a hold on me all 2021. I finally decided to give in the urge this summer. The perfect skater dress (basically, an A-line dress, but shorter) is what I was on the hunt for.

I’m not alone, I’m sure. I saw someone leave a cute comment, not too long ago, on IG about how they’ve been feeling like a teenage girl again during their healing.

I concur. A lot of my “new found girly vibes” has been from the healing I’ve also been focused on during the quarantine days. A big part of this never-ending journey, was purging. Purging old beauty products, clothes, nail polishes, files, etc. Eliminating the excess is still going strong as I make my way to my fall edits, but summer was a highlight of purging and restoring that energy with something new and true to me.

pink skater dress

This included my fa-shuns.

I was itching for a pink, mini dress that was “affordable” but also of decent quality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to the cute, chic and cheap summer dresses. Shein had a hold on me last summer. But again, I’ve been purging my closet (and life) and I wanted to intentionally add new items that I really loved and wanted to hold on to for a while. So I took my time and found a dress that caught my eye. Is it super special or fancy? Nah. But, I just liked it. The bubble gum, floral pink skater dress was in my Nordstrom cart quick as hell.

I rocked the dress only twice this summer, most recently for a fabulous birthday outing at Brooklyn’s own Pilot with my friend Dani. We take the birthdays very seriously in our friendship, so the looks had to be of substance. She donned an ankle length green and white button down, sheath-like dress with her braids down her back and we ate good.

Anyways, back to the dress. Mine is a size large by Lulus, purchased at Nordies. It’s 100% polyester, with a stretchy lining that keeps away that itchy polyester fabric hard off your skin. I like that the dress still adheres to my curves, but is also a comfortable mini. The lining also didn’t rise up my bum while I was strutting to the boat-turned-restaurant. This mini-skater dress is out of stock, but below are a few others that have been fun to iPhone window shop, seeing as though I’m prepping my wardrobe for fall.

But before that, a quick Melanie Yvette fashion rating, because I’m a critically acclaimed fashion icon:

Price: $60 (decent)

Top: Sweetheart neckline with adjustable straps (love that for me)

Bottom: Subtle ruffles

Comfort: 5/5 (would wear just because)

Fit: 5/5 (although I probably can’t gain more than 5 pounds before the zipper starts to struggle)

Wash: 4/5 (wrinkles very easily, but definitely no shrinkage)

True to Color: 4.5/5 (the pink online is a bit cooler in tone)

Now, on to some of my other favorite, similar styles since this Livi Floral Ruffle Sundress is out of stock.

for the mommy-to-be, $8
that dress you overlook, but kind of works for everything
a very bold statement without the bold attention
oh hello, I’m here to be seen
leather skater dress
bad ass, brings in the waist, adds tatas support
black skater dress
little black dress, b/c of course