Pat McGrath Makes Glamour Approachable and Easy for Brown Women

To say that that I had by far the most fun reviewing Pat McGrath’s Lust 004 collection would be an understatement. Ah, the glamour, the gold, the glitter. The anticipation at attempting all of the glitzy looks began Thursday night, as I stood in line at the Union Square Sephora, hyperventilating over the fact that I picked up the second to last Bloodwine collection.

I feel overwhelmed with pride, hope and inspiration that a Black woman had Sephora customers going nuts to buy up her latest beauty collection. It was a rush to know that a woman that looks like me made this happen, again. The anticipation was worth it, coming from a more moderate high that the Skin Fetish collection created.

And the icing on the cake? The collection is beautiful. Pink plastic packed with pink sequins hold the two lip colors and two glitter compacts. Rich nudes, vamp burgundy, hot reds, gooey gloss and of course, glitter, make up the collection’s entirety. It’s just so fun. It’s pretty. It’s glamour. Lust 004 is breath of fresh air that reminded me why I love makeup so much.

The lipstick kits are $60 (a good chunk of change) and the lip colors alone are $25. I’ve never willingly spent that much on a single purchase makeup and I have heard a few vloggers talk about the product not being worth the price. My stance is usually one in agreement since as an editor, I’ve learned that we end up paying more for the name of a brand or product than the execution and effectiveness of the product itself. That’s, however, another story for another day.

In all honesty, I felt emotionally connected to this purchase, like a sense of pride. I couldn’t stop thinking: “Pat McGrath looks like me. She’s Brown like me. She’s a Black woman like me. She changed the makeup game. A Black woman changed the makeup game.”


We’ve all probably, at some point, admired McGrath’s lustrous, bold, head-turning makeup creations. But for the most part, we stared in fantasy admiration, not really thinking that we’d be able to pull off her genius creations on our own. While the majority of us won’t ever be able to re-create those intense runway looks, she has offered us a way to get a fraction of the audacious Pat McGrath beauty creativity on our own. And, she made it easy.

Starting with Gold, then hitting us with Phantom and Skin Fetish, and now Lust, McGrath’s collections are actually pretty easy to work with.

Re-creating the liquid gold lip from the Bloodwine collection was a two-step process. Mix the gloss with the gold glitter and then, apply. Want those glittery red lips? Swipe the lip color on, then, use your finger to dab on the redish-pink glitter.


Stay tuned more details of the intense gold, red-glitter and vamp burgundy glitter mash up I had so much fun creating.

Lust 004:

Lust 004 Everything (Sold Out) $150

Lust 004 Lipstick Kit (Bloodwine Still Available) $60

Lust 004 Lipstick (Venom 1, Venom 2, Flesh 1, Flesh 2 (sold out) Blood 1, Blood 2) $25