On My Lips: Danessa Myrick’s ColorFix Matte in “Exposed”

On my lips is the mauve-toned, ColorFix Matte lip color, “Exposed”, by Danessa Myricks, a Black woman-owned makeup line. Danessa Myrick’s caught my attention years ago when I worked at EBONY.com as the beauty and style editor. The attention to texture, colors, and packaging made her brand stand out, showing that attention to detail and trend forecasting was at the helm of the company. Each product is created with intention, and with the ability to transfer usage amongst skin tones, and various skin types.

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The line is diverse in complexion focused products (like her foundations and luminous creams) and signature high-quality eyes, lips, and cheek formulas. Myrick’s, who has made a name in the beauty industry for her bold, creative artistry, also takes a hands-on approach to how the actual products are showcased and who they’re shown on. From doing her own photography to the selection of models, you can tell that she’s in the mix of every aspect of her brand. I’ll never forget an Instagram post of hers, years ago, that showed a dark-skinned Black woman wearing an intense orange lip-color (which is now known as the Colorfix matte color in “Carrot Top”), that stopped me in my tracks. That was the moment I knew she got it, and I haven’t stopped using her products since.

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