Miss Garcia: A Shoe Line Infused with Spain’s Richest Culture

Miss Garcia Shoes are made in Spain and truly embody the rich culture in every design created. How did the brand find it’s way to penetrating the States (I notice you’re sold in Philadelphia’s Anthropology)?

We are a brand that really trusts in the digital world. Our brand and marketing team is based in Silicon Valley. With the strategy we have generated, the social networks, our online store and all the digital work we have done, it is now possible we can reach people who are looking for the most original and less industrialized shoes.

The shoes are just so amazingly crafted. Can you share a quick process of how the creations come to life? 

We have different people on our team, called detail creators. We don’t really like the seasons, so we are working constantly, looking for what is going on in the fashion world. We look for trends, colors, heels, models, materials, details, what people want, and what people need.

The information we get is analyzed, [and] with the results, we start another process of thinking of the different situations in which our clients might be in so we can think about the details that will make the shoes outstanding and feel different.

The model is manufactured by our artisans who have many years of experience in the manufacturing world of footwear.

Are there any plans for the brand to expand across countries and cities alike?

Yes, actually we are working on it. We are planning to expand to Italy, UK, France, Germany, Asia and all States.

Get a pair of your own culturally rich designed shoes at Miss Garcia.