Mented Cosmetics’ Has the Official Nudes for Brown Girls

First of all, we bow down to the owners of Mented Cosmetics. These two women listened very carefully to women of color all over, yearning for rich, appropriately toned nude lipsticks that for the longest time, we haven’t been able to find in stores. Their lipstick collections have taken media outlets and women all over social media by storm. We’ve needed this. We’ve needed Mented Cosmetics.

Now, on to the three nude shades I can’t get enough of: Nude La La, Dope Taupe, and Mented. I bought the “Fall Into Nudes” collection ($45) last fall, and they slayed me. The three shades all have different hints of pinks and browns to offer each woman a nude of her own. My personal favorite for my complexion is Nude La La, even though Dope Taupe was my go-to last summer.

Take a risk on Mented Cosmetics. I know that ordering beauty products online that you haven’t tried yet can be tricky, but trust me, they’re worth it.

Mented Cosmetics specializes not only in nude lip colors for brown women, but also houses a 3-piece nude nail polish collection and will soon be launching an eyeshadow palette.