After Trying Luv Scrub, I’m Never Using a Wash Cloth Again

A week ago, I rushed to dinner with Ghanaian (Massachusetts-born) entrepreneur Caroline Ansah and our fabulous girlfriend Lauren Napier (owner of CLEANSE facial wipes) in FlatIron for some good R&R. I sat down, all wiped out from rushing around NYC, and immediately noticed how fabulous Caroline’s skin was. Given that she’s the owner of my new favorite skincare addition, the Luv Scrub, I was even more convinced that not only was she on to something with her Ghanaian-inspired skincare mesh exfoliator but also that it worked.

Ansah almost made me spit out my wine when she told me that she was  40 years old (you can look at her picture below and understand why). But then again, she’s been using the mesh exfoliator for 30 years now, so how else is she supposed to look?

Caroline Ansah

She notes in a Yahoo Beauty interview, the cloth was a household “staple” to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Go figure, gorgeous.

While it’s not a particularly new concept to the skincare market (mesh exfoliators are a thing in the Korean beauty sphere), there’s something sexy about the packaging, the social media experience and the fact that Luv Scrub is #blackowned that makes me even more in luv. That was corny but whatever.

Stretching up to 50 inches and offering a luxurious lather (I use mine with my favorite activated charcoal soap by Flo + Theo) the Luv Scrub is bound to be every brown woman’s go-to for smooth, clean and glowing skin on a dime (it’s $18).

My personal daily use has me seeing softer skin results that I usually only get after my seasonal massage and body scrubs. The Luv Scrub works to lift dead skin cells gently while cleansing the body with its anti-bacterial material and last for 18 months.

It can be purchased on Ansah’s site and you can get a taste of its fabulousness by following the Luv Scrub account on Instagram. I promise you after a few scrolls, you’ll be convinced to order yours.