Get Your Head on Straight and Your Waist Snatched with Josie B

Josie Britto is one of those instructors you want to wait after class to talk to because she’s like…everything. 

Josie B as I know her from those memorable Tuesday Vixen Workout classes has that kind of effortless energy that will instantly make you want to try a bit harder. Every dance class that she led was led with intent and purpose. Josie would begin the now New York and Miami based Vixen Workout class with an assurance that where ever we all were, in life, we were to be in the moment at all times. Her class speeches prepped us to zone out into our sexiest world, and give 100% to the sensual yet intense workout that is Vixen.

Here’s a quickie interview with the New York-based dance instructor, who is on the way to also be your next fierce life coach.

You brought so much of your culture and background to each class. I know you as Josie B from Vixen who had me cry during our workouts because her energy was so palpable. How you’re fulfilling your calling right now through work, outside of Vixen?

I take so much pride in being Dominicana and embracing my Afro roots. (Blushes) You are too sweet. Thank you. I knew very young in life that I was meant to help people.

I launched #YourCupOfJo; a weekly newsletter that aims to touch, move, and inspire readers. I think now more than ever is the perfect time to spread love, light, and positivity. [But], I use dance as a form of release. The studio is a place of no judgment, where I am free to be me.

Josie B

Your dance moves are intentional, every single time. Following your lead is more of us learning to trust our bodies in the form of a sexy workout, tbh.

For me, it’s not about perfecting any moves. I get to connect with my mind, body, and spirit. Every time I hit the dance floor it’s like I regain pieces of me. The parts of me that have been oppressed, shamed, or dictated by society, I welcome back with loving, open arms. I strongly believe that movement heals.

And you’re classically trained.

Yep, I was classically trained in tap, jazz, modern, and ballet. All other styles I just picked up along the way.

How did you end up at Vixen Workout?

Towards the end of 2012, creator Janet Jones was looking to expand this Miami-based workout to New York City. It wasn’t until a good friend blew up my phone that I learned about Vixen Workout. She had tried it in Florida and insisted that I go to auditions, which were taking place that same week. I was a little skeptical since I didn’t have much to go off of, but I trusted and went for it.

After all, I thought, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Four years later, I still feel so lucky to call myself a master instructor for the Vixen Workout.

So…I stalked you per the usual, and I see your new site that you offer “purposeful fitness and life coaching” through intuitive wellness and training. Tell me more about this unique approach to health and fitness, especially for women.

 You know, a life coach is an accountability partner who will help you reach your goals. My practice, in particular, is based on skill set + mindset. That means gaining the clarity and tools to help you achieve, and creating balance along the way. It’s not always easy, but it is fruitful and transformational. I’m very passionate about this field and the power of self-work. To me, it’s the key to actualization and fulfillment. I believe everyone should have access to this kind of work.

 Do you plan to expand the brand in any way? I know that can be a loaded question.

 I’m super excited to expand my brand and impact. Expect collaborations and outreach on new platforms. I can’t wait to reveal these projects I have stirring up in my brain.

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