I’ve decided to re-do my 30-something wardrobe this year.

It’s time! Since May 2020, I’ve struggled to care about how I looked or felt, which isn’t at all abnormal given the last year of our lives. The pandemic hit us all..no need to go into details. However, I’ve been enjoying online shopping again. Also, intentionally purchasing pieces that are bolder, tighter, and way more aligned with the way I like to express my femininity.

So, I’m going to share my new wardrobe I’m building this season. I’m so excited to start this project, because at 33, re-doing my wardrobe, and really my entire look, feels so freeing. It’s like I’ve stepped into a new sense of confidence, happiness, and money (lol)! I just want to have fun. And I am. But, let me get started on outlining what I really want to build for my new look.

The shoes. 

Digging through my closet, I totally forgot I purchased these cute red and pink strappy sandals, probably in 2019. This pair of CL by Laundry strappy sandals (above) sparked something in me: I want to purchase sexier heels. They don’t have to be dramatic but have a sex appeal. Maybe 2 pairs for the season? I’ll maneuver into fall heels and boots at the end of summer. My goal is to invest in my winter shoes and play around with my spring and summer ones. You know, put real money into good winter boots, shoes, and clothes (too) that are long-lasting and just purchase two cute sandals for the warmer seasons. I think that’s reasonable since I don’t shop a lot at all.

Anyways, I found a few pairs of cute ASOS spring heels that I’m considering (below), so I’ll be sure to report back soon.

The monochromatic(s). 

I found these adorable (but not made by Nike) monochromatic sports bras and short sets and my screenshot game went crazy. I’m so mad they’re not a real Nike collection, but it reminded me to start looking for some monochromatic athleisure for spring and summer. I’m going for more short and crop top sets, but I also want to invest in about 2 really nice neutral sweatsuits. Something like Skims…maybe? I’ll look around.


The dresses. 

The tighter the better, but short ruffles are also stealing my heart for the season. I want bright colors, textures, and curve-hugging dresses that make me look at myself twice in the mirror. I’ve spent a year forced inside, re-assessing myself internally and I’m proud of how much I’ve grown. I want to show off. Let’s show off. I started building my dress collection already with my Nordstrom and Target purchases (see below). I’ll have pictures soon!


The thong bikini. 

Honestly, I have no plans to travel, but I’m buying a gorgeous one (or two) regardless. I don’t care if me and my boo get a chill AirBNB with a pool upstate somewhere, I will be in a thong bikini.

The Black girl luxury.

Lately, luxury has been redefined in my life by my daily experience.  At the top of 2021, I added gorgeous curtains, an area-sized mauve rug, and a bundle of beautiful plants to my crisp white, minimalistic room.  Since then, my room has morphed into a quaint beauty oasis that has inspired me to add a touch of luxury in even the smallest aspects of my life (like my nail polish).  A little window shopping drew me to a few near-future purchases I plan on adding to my list to cap out the spring season (we’re still on a budget, ladies.)


Has quarantine inspired you to upgrade your wardrobe and even your living space? Let me know in the comments.