How to Apply Magnetic Lashes


Magnetic lashes were a bit of the talk these past few seasons. Women who’ve experienced the lash application struggle life on the daily flocked to the few hopeful new tools appearing on the market. My first contact with magnetic lashes happened this past winter, where I modeled the One Two Cosmetics accent lashes on The Today Show for the fabulous Bobbie Thomas.

Practice makes perfect.

That’s the overall advice for applying magnetic lashes. They’re not easy to apply, but not that hard either.

Here a few tips I want to share: 

#BBTIP1 Do your makeup beforehand, apply them last.

#BBTIP2 Add a very thin coat of mascara to create a bit of buffer between you and the magnets. I found that without doing this, I could possibly pull one of my lashes out, even if I removed the false ones gently as advised.

#BBTIP3 Start practicing with the accent lashes; they’re easier to apply and remove.

#BBTIP4 Line up the tool near your lash line, but do your best not to come in contact with it. I made this mistake and snapped my eyelid because the magnets, while extremely lightweight, will hurt if they come in contact with your lash line. You’re better off using your fingers to gently get the lashes closer (as seen at 0:42 in the video).

#BBTIP5 Gently, and I really stress this, use your fingers to remove the lashes by rubbing them together (left to right) to move the magnets away from each other, and pull them off your lashes slowly.

#BBTIP6 Clean them with a q-tip and put them back in their cases immediately. They surprisingly need a good amount of care.

If you want to try magnetic lashes, my only product suggestion at this time is the One Two Cosmetics line, but I do plan on testing a few more brands to see how all options measure up. While I won’t derail from lash strips and even individuals, I do like the convenience that magnetic lashes offer when I just need a quick pop of glam.