Should You Par Down Your Skin Care Regimen? Probably So.

I opened my medicine cabinet one morning, took a look at all of my 12 skincare products and pretty much got my answer: I was doing the most when it came to my skincare.


When I was a magazine beauty editor, I spent a lot of time trying out skin care products that appeared on my beauty table that I thought would be good for my dark skin. For me, it was important to actually test the products I wanted to write about, and be able to give accurate tips to anyone who asked me questions inside and outside of the office. As I grew to interview celebrity women, I found myself sort of enamored by their luxurious beauty routines. A 24K gold facial here, daily masques there, and so on and so on.

I eventually felt it was my duty, as well, to have the most luxurious skincare regimen out there. Why? I�m not so sure looking back. Ironically, I never had skin issues. I was always pretty lucky and blessed with a blemish free face that never broke out (thanks to my late father). But for some odd reason, being in the beauty editor�s world made me think that doing the most was doing the best when it came to my skincare.

That was until one day I paid special attention to my face as I was getting ready for work, and I noticed that my skin looked dull and lifeless. I hadn�t changed my routine: cleanse, tone, moisturize, with a repeat every morning and at nighttime. I had also kept my Thursday night primping routine as well, making sure that I applied my facial clay masks and scrubbed off the dead skin cells. My diet had changed a bit from say college, and I wasn�t working out as much, but that had been the case for the last 3 years of being in New York, and my skin looked fine up until my hopeless moment as an editor.

So what changed?

I opened my medicine cabinet one morning, took a look at all of my 12 skincare products and pretty much got my answer: I was doing the most when it came to my skincare. And not in a good way. All of the test-driving of products, interviewing women on their extravagant regimens and false beliefs that having a 6 to 8-step skincare routine were in fact ruining my face.

My Routine Before the Breakthrough

In high school and college, my steps to obtaining healthy skin went as follows: cleanse with an Olay cleanser, remove dead skin cells with an organic brown sugar scrub, do a hydrating mask every Thursday and moisturize with a cocoa butter stick.


My skin was flawless. Not one pimple, scar or blemish.

My years in college included the same high school routine, but I added a steamer to the mix since I was working out a lot. One of my best friends also used to love skincare so we always used to share skincare tips and products that work for us. She told me about the benefits of cbd + skincare and how CBD products always worked wonders for her skin but I found a skincare routine that worked well for me so I kept it the same.

Skin still fabulous.

I moved to NYC in 2010, three months after graduating college and up until 2013, I kept the same skincare routine. Skin, just fine.

But, during my years as an editor (end 2013 to end of 2014), my regimen got an unnecessary upgrade from the faux inspiration I accrued from interviews and pretty bottles full of luxurious products.

Here�s what I added: cleanse with an expensive $40 cleanser, tone with the fresh Rose Water Toner, prep with a face oil, go over with a moisturizer, add a sunscreen, do two masks per week (one for removing impurities and one for hydrating), add a scrub into the mix, use a rollerball de-puffing eye gel, and finally slather on an eye cream.

What the hell?

And all of this for what? I wasn�t experiencing skin issues, I was just being greedy. I wanted to feel like a �beauty editor�, because that�s what they do right? Go through extravagant beauty routines to stay chic and fresh-faced? Um. No.

It took one facial at the Body Restoration Spa and comment from my facialist for me to confirm what I believed all along: with my skin, and probably with most skin types: less is more.

Her direct words: You use too many products on your skin. You don�t need them. They�re clogging your pores. Keep is short and to the point.

Now, my skin looks so much better and my routine is so much simpler. Check it out:

Step 1: Cleanse with Olay Regenerist Luminous Brightening Foaming Cleanser

Step 2: Tone with fresh Rose Water Toner

Step 3: Moisturize (day) with Botanics Facial Oil and Palmer�s Cocoa Butter Night Renewal Cream (night).

*Step 4: Add a dab of Kiehl�s Super Fluid UV Defense Ultra Light Sunscreen SPF 50 when I know I�ll be in the sun or running errands a lot.

Boom. That�s it. My once a week routine has also been cut short. In addition to my daily routine, once a week I do the following every Thursday:

Remove dead cells with Botanics Purifying All Bright Face Scrub and then apply Botanics Ionic Shine Away Clay Mask.

As a result, my skin looks much better, feels healthier and is way more vibrant without the one thousand products I was using beforehand.

So tell me ladies, is your skincare routine simple or do you, too, do the most when it comes to your regimen?