Brown Girl, Bright Lips: Pink Popsicle Pout

With a random attempt at reliving a favorite part of my childhood, those popsicle stained lips you get after eating an Ice Pop, I ended up actually liking the outcome. I didn’t pay much attention to this when it was a “trend” summer 2018, as I usually don’t most other trends. So, it was out of the blue for me to even remember loving the faux bold lip colors the orange and red popsicles would leave on my pout. Especially the orange; I would always feel like my mother who would rock an orange lip with no mercy at all, and still does.

I spotted my girl Schiap by NARS, and decided to play. I haven’t pulled this legendary pink out of my beauty arsenal in a while, so this was a treat. While I’ll admit that the lewk didn’t last through countless Old Fashioneds, it was a cute bop for a good hour. Plus, it was hot the day I wore this lippie, and gloss and the heat don’t always mix.

Nonetheless, here’s a quick tip if you want to get a little funky:


Use a lip brush to apply your gloss and opt for a gloss that’s thicker. A thicker gloss will be a bit stickier, but will also hold the actual popsicle effect in place longer.


Try some of these tweeny-esque lip colors that will give you that stained, popsicle lip with no trouble to you or your wallet.