Brown Girl, Bright Lips: MUFE Aqua Rouge Bright Orange

Yes, the color is intense. But it’s supposed to be. Have a little fun, and enjoy a bold color that is long-lasting, for at least 4 hours straight. My right-hand girl for a summer bold lip, Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Rouge in #17, never fails to turn a head or two. The point of this lip color is to do entirely too much. It’s fine.

Below are a few tips I want to share when playing with a color this rich and a texture this long-lasting.


Use a good lip scrub that will hydrate your lips and follow up with a thin layer of Chapstick.


Blot your lips right before application, and wait a good 2-3 minutes before applying. Yes, it’s an extra step, but you’ll be grateful you did when you’re ready to remove the lip color.


If comfortable, line your lips first, then apply the color. MUFE has a complimentary multi-purpose liner in Tangerine, but I’ll list dupes for less below.


Remove carefully, and take your time. This is the hard part. Taking off this lip color is difficult. I tried Olive Oil a few times, but the strength wasn’t enough. My recommendation is to go with a hydrating makeup removal balm or an oil-based makeup remover (you can see my suggestions below). Begin with adding the remover to your lips, pursing them a bit so that none will get in your mouth. Rub in well to lift the color off of your lips. Follow up with a warm rinse, and a warm washcloth to remove any excess.


Follow up with a lip treatment and hydrating balm, like the much loved Smith’s Rosebud Salve.


Orange Lip Liners:

Oil-Based Removers: