Brown Girl, Bright Lips: A Matte Hot Pink by Maybelline

Welcome to Brown Girl, Bright Lips, a series on BB where I showcase some of the tried and true bright colors for my skin tone.

From the beginning of my “beauty career”, which I really feel like began when I was 5, I’ve always championed for brown girls to go bold and rock bright lips. If even just for fun. I didn’t understand where my obsession for a standout bright lip came from until I caught myself admiring my mother at home in Maryland as she smiled hard while rocking my Fenty Stunna Lip paint.

For my own personal reasons, I find bright colors against brown skin to be rebellious while empowering. For representation reasons, I live to see brown women wearing colors beauty and mainstream media subconsciously taught us we couldn’t wear, as a nice but sophisticated f*ck you to the not-so-powers that be.

Whatever the reason for you to play in a bright color against your brown skin is your own. I just hope this series inspires you to get a little uncomfortable and have some fun.

This first video features a hot pink Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink lip color called ‘Romantic’, just in time for summer 19′.


Add a thin layer or chapstick on before application and be sure to monitor how much lip color you add to the applicator. The only con with this formula is that it dries quickly, and can streak if you don’t apply it smoothly.