Beautifully Brown Obsessed: OCC’s Nude Lip in Covet

Here’s the thing: this probably isn’t my “official” nude lipstick for my complexion. It’s extremely opaque, more than likely too light and doesn’t really “blend” with my complexion. And learning from some of the most major makeup artists today, like my beloved Beat Face Honey, a nude lipstick is supposed to look…well…nude.
But I just don’t care. Because this is pretty much the best lippie I’ve found since Spring. Paired with a super classic lined eye, a little concealer to make the contrast look balanced on my skin tone, and a swipe of blush in Sephora’s Fuchsia Flash, I think I figured out a way to pull this lippie off, and well. I also realized that it probably worked because of it’s golden undertones. I have a golden undertone. I think this could potentially be a match made in heaven.

I didn’t use the fancy brush that comes with the matte liquid because, well, my fingers always serve me well. But get as fancy as you want. I keep it basic.

My point here is simple: sometimes, what you don’t really think is “for you” as a brown girl, can be tweaked and played around with other additions to your makeup routine.

Do you like Covet? If so, I’m sorry but it’s sold out at Sephora. But, you can get an email letting you know when it’ll be back in stock. I will say this though: as a brown girl, you’ve now learned that you should never be afraid to try something new, even if at first sight, you don’t think it will work for your complexion.



Melanie Yvette