Beautifully Brown Obsessed: MAC’s LipGlass in “Pure Fiction”

Because, what girl doesn’t need the innocent baby doll pink to go along with her surprising sassy attitude? I like to wear this color when I wanna trick the boys into thinking I’m this shy good girl, giving pucker, who’s never kissed a boy, yet alone let him see me naked. Okay, that was a bit much. I really just like this damn lipglass, K?

A lot of the times, MAC’s lipglasses streak. I have no idea why this happens, but it’s annoying and frustrating and usually makes your lips look like they’re peeling by the 4th application. So you then have to excuse yourself to the restroom, take off all of the lipglass, and start the hell over. Annoying.

This lipglass streaked. Duh. But it kind of looked cute when it did, so I wasn’t bothered. But the point is that it made my lips look full (they aren’t), and I feel like I actually found a perfect pink that shows up in the lipglass form (which most don’t).

I can’t and won’t blabber any further. It’s not one of those sheer pink lip-glosses that look really pretty and rich in pigment in the bottle, but fail to show up on your lips.

Oh and by the way, this one isn’t sold out (yet). Buy it here.



Melanie Yvette