Are there any safe ways to use Vaseline on my skin?

Such a tricky question, now that many of us know that petroleum can clog your pores. When it comes to Vaseline, your best bet is to use in only high-dry prone areas, such as your knees, feet, elbows, and maybe back. We suggest keeping Vaseline away from your face. Unless you happen to run out of makeup remover! Vaseline is great to remove pesky makeup. But, be sure to cleanse your face properly after removing your makeup with Vaseline. Not many people know about using Vaseline for makeup removal, but it can be used for that purpose.

Another great way to utilize Vaseline is for dry lips. That won’t hurt. You can use Vaseline on your lips, especially throughout those cold winters. The air is cold and can be harmful to the lips. As the air is so harsh and crisp, it can start to dehydrate the lips, making them dry and chapped. No one wants to deal with chapped lips, so it’s good to have something like Vaseline available to soften the lips up. However, cold air can impact other issues. For those who suffer from herpes and cold sores, the winter air can make their lips vulnerable to more cold sores. Whilst this seems problematic, there are treatments available to try and speed up the time that the cold sore is active on your lips. Treatments, like lysine ointment, are believed to be effective at treating cold sores, so it might be worth using that instead of Vaseline if you’re prone to cold sores. However, for those who don’t have cold sores, Vaseline is a great way to ensure the lips remain hydrated and soft throughout the winter period.

Vaseline does have many uses, which is why it’s often a good idea to keep some in your house. It’s a practical cream that many people can benefit from.