Anyone else obsessed with really stylish sports bras?

I’ve been focused on wearing functional pieces around the house as I’ve begun a new adjustment to quarantine this year. It feels like, for the first time since 2019, I’m finding a bit of normalcy. And I’m not putting pressure on myself, but one of the things helping me lately is to wear clothes around the house that are comfortable, well-fitted, and chic.

That goes for my fitness wear, too. For a few months, I was slacking on wanting to work out because who’s was actually going to see me? Also, depression, anxiety, and our former President invited a careless attitude towards my health. But this year, I’m serious about stretching every day and now, getting cardio and strength training in at minimum 3 days a week. I decided I wanted to get rid of my old sports bra collection and start from scratch.

sports bra for curves

A random trip to Target for pens led me to my first new addition to my 2021 fitness collection:  the All in Motion High Support Bonded Bra.

The bra is completely seamless, with no tags rubbing against your upper back, and the material is supportive and firm. I love the color, so I honestly workout in the bra alone.

Looking for some new athletic wear that really supports your curves and draws attention to them in the right way? Head over to Target.