Zendaya Offers 19-Year Old Modeling Gig After She’s Fat-Shamed Online

19-year old Ciera Davis was minding her business- à la serving face, curves and a thigh-high boot tease-when an online troll commented on her pictures with, “Never trust a top half posting ass female LMFAO.” Followers immediately roasted him for fat-shaming and among them was singer and actress, Zendaya.

“Stumbling across this stupid shit,” she wrote. “She is fine as hell, head to toe, and guaranteed doesn’t know you exist my man. As for her, slay on queen.”

Though thankful for the love, Davis was unbothered by the bullying.

“I was laughing about it,” Davis says. “It’s not like it’s anything new. People have been laughing about my size and my weight basically all my life. It didn’t really hurt my feelings.”

However, hateful and hurtful words like this can have a severely negative impact on some people. Social media and hate on body image can lead to eating disorders in impressionable adolescents who unfortunately are subjected to society’s ideal of the perfect body every day in some form. You can click here to see just how much eating disorders are impacting adolescents on a daily basis.

Instead, the hating only helped her pockets. Zendaya offered the college sophomore a gig modeling for her Daya by Zendaya clothing line. The invitation was basically every millennial girl’s dream come true, but even more so for Davis, who has aspired to work as a plus-size model for years. She spent her Jersey childhood adoring shows like America’s Next Top Model and namedrops plus-size model and Instagram royalty, Bree Westbrooks, as inspiration.

Davis’s increased follower count (3K to over 30K in 24 hours) has already earned her inbox a few hair and makeup endorsement offers. She also hopes to use her platform to produce a plus-size clothing line and encourage other women to increase their confidence.

“Ignore all the negativity that comes towards you and your size,” she says. “With a lot of support and a lot of love, I came to build confidence in myself over the years. So that’s all I hope for other girls.”

Moral of the story?

Ignore the haters, shine and secure the bag. All 2017.