Stylistic Twinsation: The Urban Bush Babes

Yes, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen breathe fashion into the world of celebrity, but another pair of very fashionable quirky twins are heading to claim the NYC fashion scene. Queens Tekenya and Cipriana Quann, who are involved in just about everything from modeling to singing, are snatching wigs everywhere. No, really. Their beauty blog, Urban Bush Babes, is centered on natural hair and fashion, and let me just say, not only do they have an amazing sense of style, but they are also becoming young Black role models for creative individualism and self-expression.

Ten years ago, before the natural hair movement of the millennial generation became popular, there was a time when wearing anything other than relaxed hair was considered uninteresting and off-trend. Fashion was pretty much influenced mainly by Hollywood A-listers, so to speak.

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Fast-forward a decade later, and you can see how the natural hair and fashion worlds have blossomed and fused into a lifestyle. Celebrities are no longer the go-to sources for what’s “in” and what’s “out”. We don’t seem to care as much about what Beyonce was wearing last night at the Oscars.

No, now we care about what that blogger that looks like us (size, complexion and all) wore in her latest blog post and how we can pull it off, too. Because, well, she has the same body type as we do. She has the same kink and curl as we do. She looks like us. That’s where our inspiration is coming from. Everyday women turned bloggers who made the bold choice to create content for the internet, targeting women like them, hoping to inspire those feeling outside of the “fashionable it girl” box feel confident.

Black bloggers (fashion and beauty) have now created a surplus amount of their own boxes for all of us to find and check.

No one has better represented this transitional fusion better than the Quann twins. Their beautiful earthy tresses compliment their signature look: a mixture of bohemian New York City with a dash of Afro-punk and elegance. Their style icons unsurprisingly include Lisa Bonet, Solange Knowles, Diane Keaton, and their mother.

Tekenya, who sings and writes her own music, is also known by the stage name TK Wonder. Her music mirrors her fashion choices: eccentric, bold and original. My favorite of the electric songstress’ tunes is called, “Van Gogh”. The concept is rather empowering. Through an intoxicatingly hypnotic electro-pop beat, she chants her way to artistic freedom; “This is my body, worth more than gold, this is my body f**king Van Gogh.” In her own words Tekenya describes the essence of the song, “Van Gogh is about the beauty of being confident in yourself no matter your size, religion, race, or sexual orientation. Refusing to let the negativity from others who project their insecurities upon you affect the positive way in which you think about yourself.”

Let the choir sang, “Yasss!”

This is so true. No matter how confident we are, there are certain times when even our loved ones subconsciously project negativity, and before you know it, we’ve been sucked into the hatetrix (hate + matrix). Thanks, TK, we can all stand to hear this message more than once a day. The hair, the je ne se quoi aura, and her care-free confidence is something that makes TK Wonder a true musical gem an industry full of passionless gimmicks.

While Tekenya is out slaying the international music scene with her powerful message of self-acceptance and fearlessness, her sister Cipriana co-runs her own blog, models, and is an all-around hustler. Motivated by the hair discrimination she faced early on as a model, Cipriana has re-directed this negativity into an inspiring journey to self-discovery. I’m secretly jealous of how she effortlessly wraps those bountiful locks around in her massive signature bun! As a young girl, Quann was heavily influenced by her mother’s wardrobe. The beauty of growing up as a millennial is that you remember and internalize some of your parents’ best 80’s and 90’s fashion moments. OMG, I lived for my mother’s bright red lipstick and gold earrings, and I have unabashedly incorporated that look into a lot of my ensembles. For Cipriana it was her mother’s style in the 70’s. High waist pants, bell bottoms, oversized blazers, and a combination of the funkiest prints imaginable can be seen in Cipriana’s wardrobe. Essentially, she has taken elements from fashion’s past and has found a way to reinterpret them into contemporary classics.

Listen, the Quann twins are so much more than fashion muses. They breathe life and an undying mission into their millennial generational followers. They’re raising the bar. They’re fucking dope.

Their lifestyles represent a certain level of awareness that many millennials should be conscious about. If we can continue to progress forward (we can), and follow our passions with daring bravery, we too can achieve creative freedom from the status quo, giving us the liberation we so desire and deserve to be who we want to be, no questions asked.

Follow and fall in love with the Quann sisters at their site, Urban Bush Babes and follow their effortlessly glamorous Instagram pictures here.