Open Thread: Are we really feeling the thick brow trend?

Or do we just like looking at them in awe, realizing that most of us probably wouldn’t dare try to pull off the new trend?

For the longest time, perfectly arched brows have been the way to go. Not a hair out of place, women (and some men) have made it a point never to miss an eyebrow wax or threading appointment.

But thanks to the “trendsetters” in fashion and beauty, thick lush brows are being thrust in our faces. I even have a few friends who’ve literally been letting their brows grow out nice and thick for the last season or so. And while I’m more of a fan of my brows being thicker myself, I’ve been wondering if this is really a beauty trend women like.

They’re on celebrities like Rihanna in her new single art and were everywhere on the spring 2015 runways.

But we want to know what you BB gals think. Are you really feeling the thick brow trend, or is it just fun to look at?

Sound off below!