This is How You Take Out Your Weave and Store It

Now no one wants to spend a pretty penny on human hair extensions, only to realize that when it’s time for your next hair appointment, your extensions are a mess. That’s a no-no. Hair care is a big part of a woman’s life and everyone knows it’s important to take care of what it is important to you even if it is your latest purchase of authentic Peruvian deep wave bundles.

In order to stay prepared and organized, here is the proper protocol to caring for your extensions.

After removing your weave: clean, detangle and air-dry the extensions.

When removing your extensions, remember to take your time or have your stylist (or friend) perform the job to avoid cutting your hair or damaging the extensions.

After they’re removed, use a gentle conditioner to detangle the extensions. From there, wash the extension with a gentle shampoo, and lay them flat to dry. Remember to let them dry for at least one full day.

Organize hair by length, gather and tie together with an elastic, metal-free band.

Each time I go to my stylist for a new install, she thanks me for my attention to detail. It helps your stylist and saves you time in the chair if you take the time to organize your hair especially if it has been cut or layered into a specific shape by length. While you might be tempted to use rubber bands to hold those bundles together, metal-free elastics will properly prevent hair snags. 

When it comes to storing hair extensions, a girl’s got a few options.

You can store hair in Ziploc bags and label hair correctly by origin, color, texture or all of the above. Or, a crafty lady might want to keep her hair in organza jewelry bags (any color, of course), that you can purchase at most craft stores like Michael’s, or Jo-Ann’s. A hair maven can even store hair in a medium-sized shoebox or even devote an entire space such as an empty, lined drawer. Yep, I said lined. Think, satin.

Keep hair in dry, dark place and away from direct sunlight to avoid discoloration.

To ensure that your extensions last even longer in between uses, make sure to keep them out of the sunlight and away from moisture. You don’t need anything breaking down the integrity of your top-notch extensions.

This might seem like a bit much to some, but since we pride ourselves in how we look, it’s only right to take care of what you spend your hard-earned money on.