Pretty Period

That Time I Was Featured on Pretty Period.

Dr. Yaba. Blay. Know the name. Remember it. Recite it.

No, but seriously. Meeting this woman was beyond one of the most impactful times of my life. Her sincere focus on reminding Black, brown skin and dark skin women that we are not “pretty for brown/dark girls”, but “pretty period”, is riveting. Pretty period. That’s what we are.

I got the pleasure to interview Dr. Yaba Blay while I was at EBONY, and last fall, shot with her amazing photographer Rebecca Emmanuelle for a feature on Pretty Period itself.

You can see some of the amazing pictures from the shoot below, but what I really want you to do is go to the Pretty Period website and get lost in all of the brown beauty it has to offer.

Thank you, Dr. Yaba Blay. Us brown girls are forever reminded that we are Pretty Period.


Melanie Yvette