ORLY Debuts ‘Breathable’ Nail Collection to Prevent Chipping

By no means am I obsessed with any particular type of beauty product. However, I will admit to my former odd habit I developed in my late teens for buying the latest nail polish on the shelves in CVS or Rite Aid. Becoming a beauty editor at EBONY.com years later didn’t change this beauty ritual I created fluidly. Yeah, I got access to free amazing products day in and day out, but there was something still so exciting to me about taking a trip downstairs to the Duane Reade in Rockefeller Center and using my lunch money to buy a new nail polish. I think nail polish is that one beauty product that you don’t have to really

I think nail polish is that one beauty product that you don’t have to really question. If it’s pretty, you can just buy it and use it right away. From college until a few months ago, I’d pick up a new color along with a magazine and go home and have my own girly night, watching SATC re-runs, drinking wine while wearing a masque (I know, pointless) and paint my nails.

But then over this summer, I just stopped. I’m not sure why, but as B.B. King would say, the thrill was gone.

I also randomly skimmed down on my nail polish collection, getting rid of about 50 colors (I had about 80 of them). I just had an odd urge to purge them and start fresh with collections from 25th and June and Mischo beauty.

So, when Orly sent me a few picks of their new Breathable line, I got nostalgic. I remembered the exciting feeling of picking a new color and planning my weekly night dedicated to myself. I’m planning to re-start them this week actually. But I digress.

Breathable is Orly’s answer to chip-free nail polish. The brand’s new collection is formulated to allow air and water to pass through the polish, thus not allowing anything to get caught and cause chipping. Brilliant.

It’s also the reason I’ll be heading back to the drugstores to resume my nail polish buying fetish.

You can get your hands on their new line at orlybeauty.com.