The Most Wearable Orange Lipstick for Dark Women

It’s time for dark women to stop being afraid of the seasonal sensation: orange lipstick. It’s not that hard to wear, and it looks really good on our skin complexions. The trick to finding your best shade is to first understand your undertone and then be honest with yourself about the type of lip colors you love, whether they be lipsticks, glosses or balms (yes, there are tinted balms).

Another great idea: when you go look for your perfect orange lip color, have your hair and makeup (skin, eyes, blush) looking really nice. It sounds crazy, but sometimes we try on makeup on days when we’ve just rolled out of bed or are looking dull from a long day of work. I get it: you probably think: “I’m going to try on makeup, so why wear any?” But, when it comes to daring trends, like lipsticks, it may be best to hit up your closest department store or Sephora with good glowing skin, and swipe of blush and a few coats of mascara. I learned this trick years ago.

When your hair is pulled together and your skin looks flawless, certain beauty trends that you’d usually pass off look better than you’d expect it to. It’s like trying on clothes right after you’ve done a crazy workout (and a shower). You feel sexier and more confident (and tighter), so you give pieces a chance you wouldn’t normally.

While there are many options of orange lipstick for dark skinKat Von D’s “A Go-Go” can start you off on the right foot with your first try. It’s build-able, meaning you can add one coat and safely try the trend, or add three coats and really go there.

I added like 4. I’m ridiculous. Here’s to orange lips on dark women!

  • Rhona

    Yes! I agree. When I try to wear a lipstick on it’s own, without makeup, the look is never what I am trying to achieve. When I take the time and invest in myself and smooth on my lotions and potions and makeup, and do a bold lip, the look is gorgeous. I am a dark skinned woman and it was hard in the past to get colors for us but companies now (mostly) cater to all. When I do a bold lip, I usually like to keep the rest of my makeup subdued in terms of eyes and cheeks and then pop the lips. Sometimes I use mac cork to tone it down a bit but the look usually works. I am loving this Kat Von D color! I have heard nothing but good things so I will have to take myself to Sephora (not a fan as it is just too much all the time) to get the shade. Loving your blog!!!!!

  • Debbie

    Wonderful article! I have dark brown skin and I absolutely love wearing orange, pink and high gloss nude lipcolors!