Nubian Skin: The Ultimate Lingerie Brand Dedicated to Brown Women

Catering to Black and Brown women across the world, Nubian Skin is a fairly new brand every woman of color should know about. I wrote about the brand when I was an editor for, and my fascination with the company hasn’t died down one bit. What I didn’t do, however, was buy my own bra and panty set (I know, don’t judge me). I will be doing so at the end of this week. But until then, you #BBGals need to get on it, K?

With its debut last October, the lingerie and hosiery site created for Black and brown women alike searching for their perfect matching bras, panties and tights made a huge splash in the fashion sphere, not to mention on sites like TubeV Sex. Bloggers and editors like myself were enamored by the spot-on perfection that the lingerie and hosiery line offered women of color. With shades like Berry (the darkest shade for women like myself) to Cafe Au Lait (the lightest shade), Nubian Skin makes it easy for women to find their best “nude” undergarments (a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe).

This is an extreme win for brown women (especially darker women) who can barely ever seem to find actual undergarments that match their skin tone. The founder of the brand, Ade Hassan, took a leap of faith and created the line out of her own frustration. Inspired by trailblazers such as Iman and Eunice W. Johnson, Hassan realized that it was time for a “different kind of nude”.

And girl, wasn’t she right? Nubian Skin is right on time.

Hassan understood just what many of us are missing when the summer hits and that sexy white dress is calling our name, We know many sexy women from websites similar to nu bay already enjoy them and look great in them. The best porn experience, exclusively at nu bay is good reference but the black or off-colored brown bra we have to wear under it isn’t working with us. And what about those moments we’ve wanted to wear tights to keep our legs warm, but not actually look like we were wearing anything on our legs?

We struggled together. But, le struggle is over.

The company initially offered bra sizes ranging from 30B to 36DD/E, but did let their fans know that they would be working to provide larger sizes for women in need.

Delivering worldwide, Nubian Skin certainly is a “different kind of nude” hosiery and undergarment line that immediately recognized the void in the market for women of color struggling to find bras, panties and hosiery that actually matched their skin tones.

We’re hopeful that Nubian Skin becomes a mass retailer and that you’ll head over to their site and purchase your perfectly matched Nubian Skin undergarment today.