The Truth About How Your Appearance at Work Affects Your Success

Renowned beauty expert Tricia Lee is back with the realness. Brace yourselves.

Okay first, seriously: what’s in your beauty bag?

A combo of beauty and geek products. I am a beauty expert and have been working in beauty since I was 19 years old. I also love technology and anything that improves efficiency.

This is what’s in my bag on the daily:

Charge cords, charging banks, headphones (all Gold, don’t ask), along with touch-up beauty products, eye creams, hand sanitizer, a mini planner and business card holder. I think the least traditional item that I carry most days would be nail polish; I’m a former nail business owner. Also, my Amika dry shampoo. I wear my hair bone straight, but I also have to work out and my hair suffers. Dry shampoo gives is a little lift and fresh bounce. It can buy my blowout an extra couple of days.

We always read about (famous) women talking up their expensive beauty routines to look fabulous. But what are the real beauty necessities that every businesswoman can afford to have in their beauty arsenal? 

I think a very loyal hairdresser. We have events dropped into our calendar on a regular basis; you need a hairstylist that will accommodate your hectic schedule. My hairdresser, Leona of LW Salon, tolerates my ever-changing schedule. God bless her. She also knows my hair, so I can work in her chair when I am most busy.

I don’t require expensive facials, but I do invest in monthly skin maintenance with a facial treatment every 4 weeks. I think it’s the best beauty routine I have going.

Most of the time, we walk into the office looking fly, and walk out feeling fatigued. What is your go-to secret for looking amazing throughout the day?

Eye gel! I am obsessed with hydration, especially in the eye area. When my eyes look tired, I’m done. I also count the glasses of water I drink throughout the day, whether I am working from home of the office. Hydration is just the answer to everything.

When all else fails and you’re running late to a meeting, what is the one thing a woman should apply before leaving the house?

This is a trick question.  I would say volumizing mascara or a subtle fragrance. LOL.

There are a lot of women who literally don’t wear makeup at all, by choice. And that’s fine. But, can you get real about how your appearance affects the way you’re judged in the workplace? 

I’m sorry but no. I think knowing how to get your hair, outfit and face together for the opportunity of a lifetime (in less than one hour) is just required. I don’t buy all the hype. If I have a job, man, opportunity or whatever come up last minute, I refuse to spiral because I don’t know how to comb my hair or match shoes to a dress. Nope! I go bare-faced all the time. I love it- I work on my skin and I am proud of my skin. But I do not walk into any opportunity looking tired and blah. You want to talk about first impressions, are you kidding me? Your image is the ultimate first impression. Say what you will, but I will get their attention with my presentation and keep their attention with my knowledge.