Let’s Talk About MAC’s Vamplify, High Gloss Collection

Provocative lip colors are the thing now. No one wants to wear boring, bland lipsticks, and MAC has made it clear that no one wants to wear boring glosses either.

The thing is: gloss can be annoying. Sticky, tricky and sometimes tacky (like, let’s be real), they can easily get a bad rap. Plus, who the hell wants to kiss someone with gloss on?

One thing we can rest assure is that MAC will always seek (and find) a way to make even our most unappreciated beauty products fabulous.

The Vamplify collection houses 17 intense pigmented lipglosses and 13 lip pencils to be their partner-in-crime. Set to be one of their most dramatic lip-glosses yet, the collection will debut in stores and online September 3rd.

Here’s hoping these shades show up on our #BeautifullyBrown complexions.

(We’re sure they will)