Kylie Jenner Will Launch a Beauty Blog and I’m Annoyed

Despite a lot of the things that annoy me, I am not a Kardashian/Jenner hater. I don’t hate them. They’re annoying and they’re all over the place for no reason (except Kendall, who is a really good model). But, they don’t piss me off enough to want to hate them for the reasons I know people would expect Black girls to. I get that they keep altering their bodies to make themselves look more “ethnic” (and I say ethnic carefully because Black women are not the only women with pronounced curves, behinds and breast). I get that they all only date Black men and that some Black men have praised the Kardashian clan for their resemblance of “Black Girl Magic” (shout out to Jamilah Lemieux). I also understand that they appear to be a family gung ho on the trend of being famous for doing absolutely nothing and then rubbing it in everyone’s face because their little jig worked.

But, in all honesty, nothing has really annoyed me as much as finding out Kylie Jenner would be launching a beauty blog. Crazy, right?

I’ve never really been phased by the Kardashian/Jenner thing. I don’t care about the fact that they don’t do anything to deserve their celeb status, with the exception of Bruce and now, Kendall. And I really could care less about who they’re dating and why. I’ve grown to work in an industry where all looks like its glitz and glamour, but behind the scenes, it’s usually a shit show. I’m not impressed by their excessive amount of franchises on E!, never ending branded products or apps they own because eventually, all things come to an end. And while they’ve made millions off of Kim willingly having a sex tape come out and essentially put her and her family on the map, truth be known I’ve seen better sex videos on so I can’t see what all the fuss was about, what I do know for sure is that the Kardashian obsession will eventually fade out. They will eventually go away. They will have to. Eventually everything comes to an end. No matter how much money they accrue, and how pissed we are about it (which we have a right to be), they will not be relevant one day.

I will admit, though, that I am pissed about this Kylie Jenner beauty blog announcement. Maybe this is the one thing that struck a nerve with me. And I’m going to tell you why and vent on BB because… this my shit…


There’s nothing cute about giving inauthentic beauty advice

Having a glam squad prep you for every aspect of your life does not make you a candidate to give beauty advice. Especially to the tweens, teens, and young adults I assume will flock to her soon-to-launch site.

Beauty blogs and vlogs have become the everyday woman’s arsenal for authentic beauty advice because, at some point and time, we realized that mainstream media didn’t care about being honest with us. They didn’t care about showing the before and afters of the models being plastered on billboards. They didn’t want us to see what the women they called perfect looked like without the contouring, extra lashes and filled in lips. They didn’t care about Brown women. They didn’t care about plus size women. They didn’t want Black women to learn how to effectively rock their natural hair.

But, bloggers did. And most of them still do. That’s what makes bloggers special, especially beauty and hair bloggers. We’re here to create a community where women like us can chit chat about the latest and greatest in products, how we feel as individuals dealing with similar insecurities and send all of the “Yassses” each other’s way when we look fly on the Gram.

Beauty bloggers exist so that everyday women don’t feel left out of the beauty conversation. Actually, we work hard to create our own conversation. We no longer believe that Beyonce woke up like that. We know she didn’t. We still sing that shit. But now that we know the insider tricks her makeup artist used to create her super full lips and chiseled jawline for her music video, we no longer walk around feeling overtly insecure about not looking like that. Or about looking like any celebrity we see on TV who just happens to be “perfect”. Mainly because we know with a little trip to the MAC counter or after emulating our favorite vlogger online, we can look like that, too.

I’m saying all of this to say: Kylie (and any other celebrity who just woke up feeling like making themselves a beauty expert), miss us with that B.S. For real.

Beauty is deeper than selfies, nails and lashes

Let’s get one thing straight: beauty and makeup are two different things. They’re like cousins or something. Maybe sisters. Whatever.

While I can’t say that Kylie Jenner doesn’t really care about beauty and what beauty really means, I’m making an educated assumption that she doesn’t care that her fancy nails, uber long lashes and over-pumped lips don’t equate to a full understanding of how beauty and women relate to one another. It’s deeper than looking pretty or getting few likes on Instagram. Our personal beauty is what we feel, experience and strive to hold onto despite the insecurity driven crap we are sold every day by people like Kylie Jenner. And I don’t care if Kim said she does her makeup really well. So does my best friend, and she is the last person who should be giving beauty advice (sorry, Ju…I love you though).

Looking at women who are always dolled up is fun. But at the end of the day, beauty advice that is authentic, honest and taken serious in the age of an over-saturated beauty blog world can only come from someone who is authentic. I don’t know Kylie but I’ve worked in this biz long enough to now that Kylie will most likely have her “glam squad” employed to ghost write for her site. If not that, any videos she may post of herself doing her makeup will be rehearsed to expert level.

At the end of the day: it just won’t be real. And that’s what makes me so upset.

Look, I understand the need and yearning for celebrities to want to be important and feel relevant. We all want to feel like we’re doing something. I remember seeing a part of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians show where Kylie talked about finding her own piece of the Kardashian empire. Maybe she felt this was the quickest way to make a name for herself like her sisters Kim and Kendall have. Or maybe she just feels as though it makes sense because all anyone has ever cared about in regards to her were her fake lips and new face (and maybe her awkward ass boyfriend).

I just really hope that no matter what, the young girls following her every move figure out a way to understand that while Kylie’s lips may now always be perfectly puckered and her lashes applied to perfection, beauty is so much deeper than that.

So much deeper.

  • this articles is everything. Love the way you articulated what many are thinking including myself. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • Melanie

      Thank you so much for reading! I’m sorry I’m late responding! xo, Melanie

  • Dana

    Thanks for sharing this news and your insight! I think you got to the heart of the issue and that we need more authentic and genuine beauty bloggers!

    • Melanie

      Thank you for reading Dana! I agree that beauty bloggers can’t just be about showing how pretty they can be, but really talking about something. There are some out there doing that, too. But I doubt that will be Kylie’s POV. But thank you so much for coming to the site! xo, Melanie

  • You know I am not sure I care. I feel like the people who follow her are sheeple and her momanger is finding new way to saturate the market. She saw that people were obsessed with her daughter’s fake lips and that lipstick and they were like bring on the money and of course more time in the spotlight. Most of the time people just don’t follow one mua or beauty guru,or blogger . We follow several. I alone subscribe to 280 makeup I am not necessarily mad at the idea, I see it for what it is. Most people, like to see real so while she will get views and money , they will be watching others for that missing piece.

    • Melanie

      I for sure hear you. I just felt like, as a beauty blogger, if you’re going to really dive into this world, you have to really have something to say. And I don’t quite think she does. But, to each her own. I’m interested to see what she’ll actually do with her new site.

  • I seriously loved everything about this post! Very well written. Just discovered your blog today…loved it and subscribed immediately. 🙂

    • Melanie

      I’m late, Charlene! But thank you so much for subscribing. I’m working to create more and more content. Never hesitate to leave feedback!


  • Von

    I understand your feelings of being annoyed, but every mention of their name(s) is free publicity for them and their empire. Why should “Brown” girls and women care about what they do, especially when they never celebrate your beauty or existence?

    • Melanie

      Hi Von,

      I’m super late to responding, but you do have a point. Anytime we speak on them, they get free publicity. I wrote this more out of the hope that many young women wouldn’t follow her “advice” or take it too seriously. But, I’m definitely on to what you’re saying.

      Thanks for commenting!


  • tamela

    I, too, was annoyed when I heard about Kylie Jenner’s beauty blog, I just don’t understand what she has to offer those of us that live in the real world. You gave me a good understanding why. Thank you for your article! Also, Ericca’s comment about Kris, aka momager, was right on the mark. Thank you Ericca! I still don’t understand how this family is on everyone’s radar!! Who cares? I just don’t get it. They are famous for … doing nothing, absolutely nothing! You would think, with all the money they’ve made, there would be a constant outpouring to charities. And I have heard nothing about that! Have you?

  • The post was everything and I agree from when I saw the title because it is so true, her advise just like her brand will be controlled by the people behind her. I love this post but major beauty you tuber do this on a day to day basis. Creativity is threatened when money is involved I personally don’t hate the fact that she’s making a blog if the writers at least write something authentic or worth reading.

    • Melanie

      I completely understand what you’re saying. I don’t even know if I even want her to hire writers. I mean, yes, some YouTuber’s get paid to talk about certain brands and products. But, I feel like at least they started from a place where they actually had a love for beauty and hair. I just feel like she’s doing this to have “something” to do. That’s what’s so annoying.

  • Ana

    Okay, I’m late to comment on this post, so forgive my lateness 🙂

    Firstly, I do agree with what you are saying in regards to Kylie Jenner and the Kardashian clan and their ‘easy fame’, BUT, I do also think that we need to remember how many tips and tricks this girl is picking up (like any celebrity) from the countless MUA’s who are applying her make up.

    I have no problem with her having a blog, as don’t beauty bloggers always insist that blogging is a free platform and all are welcome?
    That’s why we have tweens and under-thirtys blogging about anti-aging products…

    And let’s face it: a lot of beauty ‘gurus’ know absolutely nothing about cosmetics!
    They just know how to expertly lie and manipulate their unsuspecting audience into buying their sponsored rubbish.

    I actually will have more respect for her and her blog, as at least I will know that everything she is reviewing, she definitely got sent.

    I don’t mean any disrespect at all, I’m just disillusioned with beauty bloggers.
    It is all so shady; whatever it used to be is gone, and it’s now turning into a world that will welcome Kylie Jenner with open arms.

  • Guest

    Black women are always showing their open envy/jealousy for white women. Its sad