Kathleen Delva, Senior Account Exec. Manager

My name is Kathleen Delva and I am a Senior Account Executive Manager. I handle public relations and special events. I am a Haitian-American, who speaks broken Creole, but understands it fluently [Laughs]! You can speak to me in Creole, and I’ll understand everything. But I’ll answer you back in English. I need to do better.

I don’t have a super long beauty routine; I am a minimalist. I wash my face every night with hand-made face soaps from Soapology, a little store in the New York City. I have used almost all of their products, but the Walnut Polisher is my favorite. Before bed, I use a toner from Clarins, and I finish off with coconut oil as my moisturizer. It’s helped to lighten my dark spots and clear up my face.


I think I realized I was a brown girl, in the 7th grade when I was out with my Puerto-Rican best friend and someone pointed out that I “had long hair for a black girl.” I think prior to that I never noticed. I had always had long hair (at the time), so it was normal to me. I didn’t know it was something that only Latina or Caucasian women had. What a joke?


[In your career] you have to look the part you play and my job is to represent reputable brands. I’m constantly in rooms with consumers and journalists, so not only should I look great, but I have to be great. I have to be confident, friendly, warm and knowledgeable. I always go for “comfortable sexy business-casual” attire, because that gives me the most confidence. I love when I’m comfortable but still giving a hint of sex.

It took me a long time to be comfortable in my body. I had a skinny complex for years that ended in college, but sometimes it still lingers. I’m skinny with large breasts, and a petite butt! People have given me compliments, but I always ended with “Thanks, I wish this or that was different.” Foy years, my mom and friends have been my cheerleading team consistently praising my body, and one day I woke up like “You guys are right, I’m sexy as hell! I make it a point to always walk with my head high.


If there was any advice I’d give to my younger self, I’d really remind myself to not compare myself to anyone else. I’d tell myself I’m beautiful and that my smile will take me places you’ve only dreamed. Beauty starts within, and I was born with abundance.

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