I Really Don’t Know Why We Keep Feeling Offended by Kanye West

We know his deal. We know that Kanye got on and left all his Black exes for a “white girl”. It’s set in stone that he either a) just doesn’t give a damn about what we say in retaliation to his fuckery, or b) literally sees nothing wrong with how he “silently” dismisses women who look like his mother.

Hell, I barely wanted to write these three paragraphs on him. And yes, I knew I’d limit this to three paragraphs because he’s not even worthy of me trying.

But y’all are. So let’s just do this: let’s call a spade a spade. Ye does not, probably will not, ever show immense “love” to Black women. We will never know why or if some kind of disconnect happened between him and public love (or private for that matter) for Black women. If we really want to “affect” him and make him hear how sick of his shit we are, we can just do the one thing he’d hate:

Ignore him.

Shit, this was more than three paragraphs.