I Finally Tried a DIY Hair Mask (Yes, I know I’m Late)

Retaining moisture is one of the biggest things I struggle with being a natural haired woman. As the temperature drops, keeping my hair moisturized is only going to get harder because the brisk air and wind can be very damaging to my strands.

As an avid product junkie I’ve tried plenty of deep conditioning treatments in order to combat the dryness and haven’t found the perfect product to incorporate into my regimen. I’ve always been interested in venturing out into the DIY world and, after hours on Pinterest, I decided to become a kitchen chemist in order to create a mask that would make my hair softer, manageable and full of moisture. Here’s what I used:

1 Avocado, which promote hair growth
1 Banana, which minimizes breakage by restoring your hair’s natural elasticity

3 TBS Mayo, which hydrates hair and makes it more manageable
2 TBS Olive oil, which locks moisture into hair
2TBS Honey, which is a natural softener
2 Eggs, which strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair loss

The Process

I combined the ingredients and blended them until it was a smooth texture, similar to other hair treatments. After sectioning my hair into four quadrants I applied the mask section by section.

I immediately saw my curls pop and felt an undeniable softness, which almost made me forget that I was spreading avocado into my hair. Once my entire head was covered with the mask, I put on a shower cap and let my hair condition for two hours.

Two hours later, as I shampooed my hair I noticed that my fingers slid right through with very little tangles. I usually have to but in more work to detangle my hair in the shower but the mask melted the tangles away. I made sure to shampoo a few times in order to remove any traces of my concoction. After conditioning, my hair it was extremely soft and shiny and I braided it for bed as usual.

Three days later I removed the braids and wore it in a braid out style. A week from my initial wash, my hair was just as soft, shiny and moisturized as day one. Not only was I shocked at the results but I was relieved that I didn’t have to restyle or reapply any extra products due to moisture loss.

The Verdict

Despite my initial skepticism, I am extremely pleased with the results and will definitely be incorporating this mask into my hair care regimen. Once I got over the fact that I was applying food to my strands, the process was a breeze. With the results I experienced, there’s no way I won’t be doing this treatment again soon.

Moisture loss can cause brittle hair, which ultimately leads to breakage. I highly recommend incorporating these ingredients into your hair care regimen whether you’re making your own masks or buying infused products. Trust me, your mane will thank you.