How to Rock French Tips Without Looking Outdated

One day, my friends Ericka, Jackie and Genese were at Pazza Note racking up on their 2-for-1 martinis special. We happened to hop on the topic of Ericka’s “homegirl” (I use that term loosely, that’s not her real ride-or-die) rocking the most ridiculous, outdated French tips she had ever seen in her life. Mind you, I know that French tips are just, uncool. Usually, the only women who ask for them at the nail salon are 50-plus mothers who are prepping for their daughter’s wedding.

I was laughing my butt off at her story about how “homegirl” looked crazy with these 2-inch long French tips. But what I didn’t say at the table is how, for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I had spotted this real cute French tip design on Instagram that I wanted to try. I wish I didn’t delete the picture, because it was so fly and I would show you BB girls the look. Anyway, I had I decided that I wanted to replicate the design for the holidays.

Now I know it’s giving you a little ghetto girl chic, but that’s what I loved about the design. I feel like I should have been listening to Bey’s “7/11” while my manicurist was doing my nails.

So, without further adieu, I present to you a few of my own ways you can possibly rock the French tip without looking wack:

Tip #1: Don’t get the French tip on every finger. You don’t need a reason for this. Just don’t do it.

Tip #2: Think about replacing the traditional white tip with a different color (I’ve seen women do bold hues like black, grey and even blue).

Tip #3: Finally, don’t do what I did and get the nails super long. I was just being ridiculous for the holidays. I cut those things down right after New Years Eve.




Melanie Yvette