Tymeka Lawrence, Founder of HairFinity

I’ve always been a business-minded person. I always knew I wanted to own my own business. I did not see anything wrong with other career paths, I just knew what I wanted to do long term.  However, I also knew that I needed an education. So, I had a plan to go to college, get a job, work for 5 years and start my own business. I was able to leave my job after working for only 4 years, so I actually beat my goal.

When I started Brock Beauty, I was pursuing several business ventures with my husband. I was actually doing the hair care research for myself. I did not think of it as a business idea at first. I had a problem, I looked for a problem, and then I found other women who had the same problem. I am naturally a problem solver, so I started putting out information about healthy hair techniques.

In the beginning, I struggled with work/life balance. I worked a lot, lost a lot of sleep, etc. However, overworking yourself doesn’t come without a consequence. When I realized that it could affect my health, I just thought about what was most important in my life. I thought about what I could live without, and what I couldn’t live without. My family and my health trumped my business, so it put things in perspective for me. Now, I just keep a schedule that works for me. I have certain hours for work and certain hours for my family.

Hairfinity came first. It was the result of me trying to find a solution to my own hair problems. I had been compiling research about hair care and sharing it with women online.

However, I felt that there was something missing that was deeper. That’s when I made the nutrition connection. Being a “math” person, I thought about having an infinite amount of hair; hence, the name, Hairfinity. When we started adding other products to our offerings, I thought we should have an umbrella company. The company is named after my husband Brock.

I think it takes so much passion and courage to try to do something different, and that is what I find common among entrepreneurs. Over the years, my work day has changed dramatically. In the early years, it was just my husband and I doing everything including customer service and packaging. Today, I am mostly involved with product development and overall management. So, a typical day in my working life is split into two parts. Half of the day would be spent surfing the internet looking for ways to improve something for others. The other half of the work day is spent in the office working with our various departments. The rest of the day is reserved for my family.

The part of my job that I enjoy the most is when I get a letter from a customer whose life has been changed by one of our products. I have gotten several of these over the years. Some of them come from cancer survivors who just wanted to feel normal again. Others were women who never felt comfortable with their hair or skin until after using one of our products. While beauty products may not seem “life changing,” it can be just that when it helps a person feel better about themselves.

The most challenging part of my job is deciding what to tackle first and who to focus on. Our team comes up with lots of ideas about products to help people, but you can’t do everything for everyone. It’s difficult to decide which products make the cut, and which ones don’t.

I would tell someone hoping to follow in my footsteps to believe in themselves. When you try to do something different, people won’t always be supportive. They won’t always see your vision. But if you believe in yourself, it will be easier to pursue your dreams and make them a reality.

I think my resourcefulness has been my key to success. I don’t claim to know everything or be the best at everything. But I am great at finding information and people to get things accomplished. I know my strengths and weaknesses. Where I am weak, I get help. Where I am strong, I give help. That has been my formula.

  • Angela

    Hi just thought I would alert you to the fact that I ordered Hairfinity from the UK branch. Was unhappy with the delivery as the package was opened in transit, and noticed no significant length growth in my hair after the initial length growth from the first bottle which was ordered from the US.

  • Sandra W. Brown

    I watched you on the Steve Harvey show and was very impressed with your wisdom on building a business and becoming a millionaire, and testimony about your hair product-vitamin. I have had lots of damage done to my hair, and have been trying to get my hair to grow back to its length. I would like to ask first for a sample of the product to ensure it will work for my hair. Please Provide a sample to me. I can provide my address to you directly. Thanks.

  • Hey I need some products for my hair

  • Jacquelyn Kelley

    Hi I saw you on the Steve Harvey Show today, I was very impressed and thankful for your success. My problem is bold spot in top of head due to long term illness and medication (I think). I know you gave free samples on the show. I will appreciate it if you can do the same for me. I need to know if this can just cover the baldness. Thank you very much. jvkelley66@yahoo.com

  • Esther

    I would like a sample. I have just completed chemo/radiation and am looking for a product like yours, my email is essywest@yahoo.com

  • Annette Riggins

    I would like to try your products and yes I watched the Steve Harvey Show I would like to see if it really works there’s a lot of people selling products and the outcome are not what we expected

  • Yari

    I watched the Steve Harvey show on July 6th and was very impressed on how you started your own business. I have try many different hair products but none seem to work. I noticed on the show you gave to each audience member a month supply of your product. I would also would like a trial supply to ensure the product will work for me before placing a order.

  • Mary morse

    Saw you on Steve Harvey and I would like a month supply of your sample if you can send me some I have the same problem that my mother had when she was alive she had that boldness and now I notice I have the same thing I wonder if your product could help me I am so desperate I love to have my hair back I would love to have to take these wigs off .I start losing my hair in my late forties I am not 62 years old so if you’re prosyct can help me please help me but if you think it don’t believe it will help alopecia that’s what I think I have please let me know

  • I would love to try your product 62 but still in need to see will it bring my hair back been wearing wig being lazy and it took my hair way

  • Just want to see if you can help me get back my beautiful hair


  • Namukwana Evelyn

    My hair breaks mostly after a retouch, I love my hair but I don’t know what to do, help me out, thank you

  • Kay

    Hi, I live near you but I have a friend who would love to try this product if you can send a sample to her. She needs to know if this product will work for her. Shes spent so much on other products that will not help her so she wants to be sure this will work before ordering a bunch of it. Thank you.

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