This Black Brand Makes it Easy to Wash the Hair Under Your Weave

I wear a weave most of the time because I’m lazy and I don’t want to do my hair. But what I hate more than doing my real hair is washing my braided hair under my weaves.

And most women who wear weaves or extensions hate washing their braided hair, too. That’s why the Black-owned company, Girl + Hair should receive all weave-wearers’ praise.

The husband and wife duo, Josef and Camille, behind the brand launched their first line of products formulated to cleanse the braided hair under extensions and weaves. The Under Hair Care 3-product formulation includes a Cleanse, Nourish and Restore component that makes getting the hair under your weave clean and keeping it healthy.

The bottles have pointed applicators that make it efficient to reach your braided hair and scalp, getting in the nooks and crannies where build up can occur. I tried washing my hair with the products twice now, and I loved the results. Camille even shows women how to use their products in order to get the most effective wash on their YouTube channel.

Cleanse, the sulfate-free shampoo gives you a slight tingle and foams very quickly. It also smells so damn good. The Nourish leave-in conditioner is a little thicker than I’d expected but absorbed into my braided hair well. The Restore balm is a light to medium protective botanical oil blend designed to keep your hair moisturized. They recommend using the Restore balm every day, but I use it every other day.

Not only does the super cute couple own Under Hair Care, they also sell a line of extensions, Luxe Hair, which launched in 2009. Then, Camille realized that it was extremely hard to find amazing, high-end extension hair. At the time, Josef, an international lawyer, was traveling to India a lot. During one of his business trips, Camille asked him to bring her some good, high-quality hair back from his trip. Of course, as a man, he told her no. But, that moment would spark an idea in Camille: to sell her own hair extensions. She and Josef would begin their hunt for a great hair supplier in India to start their own weave line.

After years of success, the super cute couple decided to create Under Hair Care to help women keep the braided hair under their weaves strong and nourished.

You can purchase their value set to give the Under Hair Care line a try (trust me, you’ll be glad you did). It’ll be the best $49 you’ve spent in a while.