How I Finally Mastered Blue Eye Shadow

It’s been one of the most taboo throwback makeup looks that so many women are still afraid to bring back. Blue eye shadow. I still kind of cringed at the thought of it, remembering Christina Aguilera’s blue shadow disaster, circa those terrible blonde cornrows in 2001.

Icy blue eyes were slapped on every teenage pop star and every young movie actress. I had my own Wet ‘N’ Wild color that I swore by in high school. Rocking it on our “dress down days” (because all girl Catholic school) was the highlight of my week.

To this day, I feel like brown women swear that blue eye shadow is possibly still the worst thing you could wear on your face. But I don’t think so.

After a few hours of testing a few blue shades on my complexion, and then playing around with application techniques, I have finally stopped hating on blue eye shadow for good.

blue eye shadow

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-Look at the shape of your eyes, and assess. Are they almond shaped? Do you have larger eyelids? Are they hooded?

I have almond shaped eyes with a good amount of lid space. I stuck to applying the brighter blue color right on my lids, not to go past my eyelid fold. I lightly blended a darker shade of blue (with my finger) towards the outside of my lid for a little drama. I also added a little sweep of color on the bottom and a foundation powder on my eyelid fold for a clean look.

You must remember that application for each eye shape will vary based on your eye shape, application and comfort level. If your eyes are hooded, you may just want to do a sweep of shadow on the bottom lid. Or, use eyeliner instead of shadow.

Practice at home, having some fun using your fingers to apply the color.

-I even got a little funkier and added a metallic blue eyeliner to the mix.

-Mascara was in full effect, as I swept on 3 coats.

-Blush was neutral (Ambering Rose by MAC, my favorite). I just needed enough to warm up my face.

-The nude lip was mandatory.

-My foundation was matte and even.

Creamy concealer was applied last, to cover up any loose powder and brighten my eyes for a perfect finish.

-Confidence ensued.

I didn’t feel dated and would have loved this look more with my hair pulled up in a topknot, to be honest.

Are you going to take a stab at blue eye shadow, or are you over it? Leave a comment, let me know and if you feel like it, follow me on the Gram for more.