So now we’re contouring our collarbone? No thanks.

Le sigh. Another “beauty trend” has hit the Internets, and we’re like “noooo”!

Collarbone makeup, or the art of contouring your collarbones so that they look more defined, thus making you look thinner has flourished. While it hasn’t taken over like face contouring and even “strobing” (which is essentially highlighting), it has become the small talk of the makeup town.

Reposted on an Instagram account called “foodguidelines”, the picture tutorial directs women on how to make their neck and chest area look youthful and more defined with similar face contouring methods.

With instructions telling us to “Draw the lighter shade on the areas that protrude outward. Then, use the darker shade to fill in the sections that fall in the shadows”, it’s no wonder why we as women fall victim to insecurities and low self-esteem. Can we live? Damn.

Look, it’s not that serious. Enhancing your personal beauty is one thing, but completely rigging the way your neck and collarbone looks is another. We even think that the facial contouring trend went a tad overboard.

And while we get some women just want to look their very best, we can’t help but think that this is just going over the top.

Ladies, what are your thoughts? Would you ever consider learning how to contour your collarbones?