Chavonne Hodges, CoFounder of Trap Aerobics

I started the Grillz and Granola Trap Aerobics because I have an anxiety disorder and I have a lot of panic attacks. Thank god I have an amazing team [at work]. They know that I’ll write on a sticky note when I’m about to have one and I’ll go dip out and then calm down. One day, while I was working out in the gym and trying to keep my mental health in check, I had an “ah-ha” moment. The music in the background was loud and so good and I remember [randomly] thinking: “when you dab, you’re working your deltoids!” [Laughs]

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That’s where I got this idea of the Trap Aerobics class. So, then, I started building the company with my childhood friend. We came together and spent about 3 months building out this class. Every single movement, transition, song, everything. We both have fitness certifications and we just made it happen.

So that’s how Trap Aerobics started.

I’m not even a dancer, but we both put together the routine and we choreographed everything. She has a Zumba certification and mine is just a general aerobics fitness certification. My part is figuring out how to work all muscles at the same time through the routine.

We’d literally sit and count and break down the verse and note how something felt when we did the movement.

Now we update the songs every month. I’ve literally been on the train listening to songs and doing the dance moves. We make it a point to come together and show each other what we have and modify from there. We both have different fitness levels and that’s kind of what I like. I’m pretty lanky and she’s shorter and curvier, so we want people to see that you can have various body types while being fit. It’s really not about weight, you know?

All of our movements are also gender neutral. Like of course we add moments if you want to twerk. But, couples actually come in and do it together. It’s funny because when the guys come and ‘I Got The Keys’ starts playing, they go crazy.

The plan right now is to make Trap Aerobics the new “Black Zumba”. We’re doing classes in Jamaica, Queens and we have a class in Manhattan, but we’re trying to bring it to Brooklyn. That’s been one of the biggest challenges; there are a lot of studios that strictly ban hip-hop music. Sometimes they’ll just say it on the website. I’ve reached out to some and they’re just like “sorry we don’t allow hip-hop music” and I’ll be like “but you have Zumba class on your roster” and they’re like, “oh, yeah, that’s right.”

It’s wild. It wasn’t just like that in Brooklyn; it was kind of everywhere when I was doing my studio search. Right now, we’re at 440 Studios in Manhattan.

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