Brown Women Were Unfuckwithable in 2015; Let’s Do it Again

If it’s one thing I learned about brown women in 2015, it’s that we are unfuckwithable. Meaning, we are not to be played with in any capacity, whatsoever. We made moves, we lost weight, we started blogs, we told it like it was, we loved, we started movements, and we uplifted each other in ways unimaginable. We were not playing games in 2015.

And that is what is inspiring me in 2016. The idea of being unfuckwithable. Harsh? Maybe. But real, completely. And where did this surge of confidence in myself come from?


Every single one of you that left a comment, shared your beauty journeys, clicked on the site or just shared Beautifully Brown with your close ones. Every single thing I accomplished was because of you. You helped me build my confidence. You let me into your lives. You pushed me to just write the damn blog post, even when I was scared. You make it known that you cared about Brown women just as much as I do. You reminded me that we are a family. Maybe a digital family, but a family nonetheless.

Whether or not you invited me into your world through a blog post, an Instagram share or an email, you helped me realize that there is a community of Brown women, just like myself, who want nothing more than to feel beautiful in our skin.

With just a little bit of courage, a glass of wine and a to-do list, each week you all made me determined to challenge the ridiculous societal ideal of beauty, letting them know that Dark Girls are fly and Brown women share a special connection. Actually, we challenged society’s idea of real beauty together. And for that, I want to say thank you. From a true, sincere place of my spirit. Beautifully Brown wouldn’t be here without you.

Now, let’s make it a point to do this for all of the women around us. Whether it’s a simple smile and hello as you walk by a Beautifully Brown woman, or a quick text telling your girls that you love them, we have to remind each other in 2016 how much we care and love one another.

So, here’s a digital toast to all of my Beautifully Brown women. In 2015, we became unfuckwithable.

Let’s do it again in 2016.


Melanie Yvette