Those Times Brown Women Did Blonde So Good

Whenever I heard the word blonde as a youth, images of long golden locks and flawless white skin would immediately flood my mind. Think Jayne Mansfield and Anna Nicole Smith. Today, my views are progressively changing as plenty of women of color are wearing and rocking (without shame) various shades of blonde. One common argument against brown women wearing fair hair is that it looks unnatural. Another is that it is essentially a desperate attempt to imitated European beauty ideals. Those arguments may hold true for some, for many young women, hair color is about experimentation and self-expression. It is as simple and spontaneous as switching up your nail polish (just a little more expensive).

Unfortunately, many have adapted what I like to call the “brown girls can’t…” creed.

We can’t wear bright clothes, red lipstick, or all white unless it’s at night so people can see you walking (yes someone has actually suggested this to me). But thankfully around these parts, we don’t subscribe to such basic levels of thinking.

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I will confess, however, for the longest time even I was indecisive about women of color rocking lighter hair. My natural hair journey coincided with my ever-growing racial and social awareness and I was conflicted. How could we as black or non-white women embrace ourselves and our uniqueness while imitating an aesthetic that has been shoved down our throats for centuries? Then, I realized that it was much deeper than what I perceived as mere cultural differences. I started seeing brown women from all races wearing blonde dos and colors that complimented their one of a kind skin tones. Women like Mary J Blige, Rita Ora, and J.Lo have perfected the art of slaying with their signature golden tresses. I learned that customizing your look was imperative to preserving your cultural distinctiveness. You can successfully rock whatever look you choose, as long as you make the decision to own it. It’s all about finding the style and hue that works for you.

As women we should always feel liberated and confident enough to wear any color whether it’s electric blue or stark white. We are all on a continuous path to self-discovery, and being able to experiment and change up our hair game should be a beautiful and expressive part of our beauty journeys.