Two Black Women Making Shea Oil Fabulous

Black girl magic is real, y’all. Creators of Bolden Shea Oil, Chinelo and Ndidi, decided that it was time to help women of African descent have access to enriching, natural beauty products. After realizing that there is still an extreme lack of high-quality beauty products for women of color, the duo left their corporate lifestyles to create Bolden Shea Oil.

Thank goodness.

Growing up in African themselves, the ladies of the brand soon found that there was a yearning for pure, natural beauty products, and took off running with their all natural Shea oil.

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They committed themselves to creating their signature line of oils while remaining emotionally tied to the communities of women in Africa who are the reasons we can enjoy the luxury of Shea oil in the U.S.

On their site, they break down the process of Shea oil, making it easy for a consumer to feel their true dedication to their brand and product. Noting how Shea trees provides a “valuable source of income for many local women and their families”, Chinelo and Ndidi are a perfect example of what it means to be truly dedicated the heart and soul of a brand.

About a month ago, I started using the oil and I’ve since found myself addicted. The mint-scented oil is refreshing, relaxing and sensual. Being a beauty woman who likes to keep it simple, I’ve found myself using the oil on my body and face, seeing nothing short of fabulous results.

But to be honest, my attachment to this brand runs deeper than their product. I love the fact that they are so connected to the communities of women in Africa who make it possible for us to have Shea oil (and butter). Learning how Shea trees help provide income to many families in Africa completely sparked a willingness to continue to buy from Chinelo and Ndidi, which I will do.

The Bolden oils can be purchased online. You can have your pick at the Butter Mint, Sweet Vanilla or Unscented oil.