Beauty Wishlist: Alley Cat Jewelry Nail Adornments

Ughhhhhhh…why do they have to be so cute? Utterly obsessed with this line of regal inspired nail jewelry that actually protects your nails from breaking. Like, how much better can this get?

The owner of the nail charms, Carley Stadelmann, wanted to come up with a way to prevent your nails from breaking, and make them look good while doing so. Seriously, she’s amazing. Women around the world should bow down to her.

Ranging from about $5 to $15, she carries a few collections, including the Regal set, which seems to be the most popular of them all, and I want…

Luckily, each piece is reusable and they’re all handmade with love.

If you want to try them out, check out her site here, and send shoot me a comment on your experience. I’m buying mine in 5…4…3…2…



Melanie Yvette