Haters are Mad at Alicia Because she chose to own her beauty, and they didn’t

No one really cares if Alicia wears makeup or not. The truth is that whenever a person, more specifically a woman, makes a decision about her life and in this case, her beauty and how she wants to look on her terms, people get mad and offended and all hell breaks loose.

Why? Because society isn’t used to us making decisions about owning our beauty, no matter what that looks like. Lily Ghalichi decides to wear a full face of makeup every day? People are upset. Alicia Keys decides not to? People are upset. Someone chooses to rock a weave? Someone’s upset.

At the end of the day, people aren’t really mad at what we do, they’re mad because we don’t care that they’re mad at what we do. And then they get even more upset because we continue to do whatever the hell we want to do.

This isn’t a conversation about makeup, or about Alicia Keys going bare faced. It’s a conversation about society still thinking it owns the rights to our decision-making process about pretty much everything, especially how we choose to look. And no, it’s not only men talking, its women too. Actually, it’s more women than men doing the criticizing, and it’s got to stop.

After reading enough penned pieces in defense of the “Girl on Fire” singer, I realized via most commentary from readers, that the scariest and most “offensive” part of this unnecessary and boring debate over her choice is not about a woman deciding not to wear makeup. Instead, it’s the fact that the people criticizing her are upset that she made a decision, period. She had the audacity to do what she wanted to do. She literally didn’t and still doesn’t care about how much her “haters” are trying to pressure her to cover up her face because they want her to. They feel so offended and uncomfortable about seeing her as she chooses to make them. She isn’t changing her mind about rocking her bare face just like Lily Ghalichi isn’t changing her mind about rocking her full face of makeup, and we all know haters get even more upset when they haven’t affected you.

So, with that said, Beautifully Brown sends a kudos to Alicia and all of the other women who decide to wear and adorn themselves however they want, in the face of people making comments day in and day out. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who literally gives zero fucks.