3:27 Cosmetics is a New #blackowned Brand to Know

A lot of people will say that a matte lip is a matte lip is a matte lip. But, they’re not all the same. Most are dry, lackluster formulas that leave your lips looking chapped and crusty. Some don’t even dry matte. Some are too hard to apply. And others dry up so fast you can’t even get a full tube usage out of them.

I say all of that to say: when I find a really good matte lip color, I usually stick with it. Hello, 3:27 Cosmetics.

The black-owned brand created by Temple University Alumni, Genevia S., is a new favorite at the BB HQ.

With cheeky names like “Play Nice”, “Savage” and “Apple Pie”, the brand has an effortless youth to it with just the right amount of sass. The colors are simple and to the point. But, they excel in pigmentation and long-wear, something amazing from a brand still in its start-up phase.

“Love Crimes” happens to be my go-to red at the moment (alongside Pat McGrath’s Blood 1 Lipstick).

“Cheeky” is a rich nude that doesn’t quite work for my complexion and undertone but would look gorgeous on someone say two shades lighter than me.

Overall, 3:27’s Matte Liquid Lipstick get 5 stars from me. While they do retail at a masstige price of $20 a pop, I think they’re worth the investment,  given the smooth, long-lasting formula and rich pigmentation.